Dogs and cats don’t get cavities, however they do get just about every other dental problem we humans can get and many other problems that are specific to dogs and cats.

Dental care is essential to your pet’s health and well-being. Just as you need to have your teeth cleaned twice yearly, your pet needs to have his teeth evaluated and cleaned on a regular basis.Dogs and cats don’t readily show signs of illness, so the doctors at AMC perform thorough evaluations every time your pet is examined to detect early disease. Periodontal disease can be very subtle- some signs include:

  • Chewing on one side of the mouth only or irregular wear of teeth
  • Odor or swelling around the upper or lower jaw
  • Dropping food or a decrease in appetite
  • Hesitance to play or participate in activities

Our doctors believe that appropriate, pain-free dental treatment and a mouth free of infection and pain is something that each pet deserves.

AMC provides

  • Safe and thorough dental cleaning and evaluation under general anesthesia
  • Oral nerve blocks to decrease sensitivity during and after a procedure,
  • Dental radiography to detect early signs of disease and dictate treatment needed
  • Gentle and safe extraction and gingival closure techniques to promote healing and comfort after surgery

No treatment or extraction will be performed without your consent- all treatment options will be offered and a plan will be made collaboratively between you, the owner, and our veterinarians.

Before Dental Cleaning

Before Dental Cleaning

After Dental Cleaning

After Dental Cleaning

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