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What should I be feeding my dog?- Week 4

From the previous posts, we know that most of the words used to describe dog food have no value in describing what is appropriate for your dog. Basic rules for buying dog food: 1. Larger named companies (Iams, Purina, Hills, Royal Canin, etc) usually have more stringent quality control.  That is why recalls are made for […]

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Pet Food Myths and Truths- Week 3

Should I be buying “premium” food? Premium/superpremium/gourmet/holistic: Pet food companies and their advertising departments love to toss around these qualifiers but they have no legal definition in regard to pet food. They carry no information about the quality of food being fed. ANY  food can be labeled premium, super premium, gourmet or holistic regardless of […]

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Pet Food Myths and Truths- Week 2

“Natural” is also a word that does not impact the quality of your pet’s food. Natural: The designation of natural also bears little impact on a food’s quality for your pet. Some ingredients like BHT/BHA/ethoxyquin are fat preservatives that are considered to be “unnatural”.  BHT for example is an antioxidant- something that we know eliminates […]

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Pet Food Myths and Truths – Week 1

UNDERSTANDING PET FOOD LABELS Organic: “100% Organic” – must contain 100% organic ingredients. “Organic” – must include 95% organic ingredients by weight. “Made with organic” – must contain 70% and must contain 3 listed organic ingredients. If a food is less than 70% organic the label can only name the organic ingredients with no additional claims. NOTE: Organic […]

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Veterinary Tip About Warm Weather and Your Pet

Warm weather brings great opportunity for outdoor fun, but it also brings some weather related risks for your pet. Remember that pets can’t sweat like we do and they overheat more easily. The general rule if you’re warm your pet is even warmer. Try to limit your pet’s exercise to the cooler times of the […]

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Did You Know Your Cat is a Senior at age 7 Years

Cats age much faster than people do. Cats are considered to be a senior at age 7 years. It’s recommended that cats that 7 years and older have blood tests to check their Thyroid and Liver functions and a urinalysis to check their Kidney function. Other screening tests such as blood pressure measurement and electrocardiogram can […]

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Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

Cats are most comfortable with the familiar, and need time to adjust to the unfamiliar. The visit to the vet is often difficult because the carrier, the car, and the hospital and exam room are all unfamiliar. Respect your cat’s need for time to become familiar with new situations, people, and places. Stay calm. Cats […]

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Unfortunately, heart disease is not just a human condition. But if your dog is at risk for heart disease, do not be disheartened. With early diagnosis and treatment, you can significantly prolong and improve your dog’s life. The information below can help you better understand heart disease and what you can do to help your […]

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