We provide comprehensive surgical services including routine procedures such as spaying, neutering and declawing and more complex surgical services such as soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery. Our doctors are dedicated to providing appropriate and complete pain control, anesthesia, and current surgical techniques for all their patients. Pre-anesthetic blood work is available for all our patients to assess their surgical readiness and needs immediately before their surgery.

Pre and Post Surgical Care

We have excellent equipment for monitoring our patients. We have a registered veterinary technician stay with each pet, constantly monitoring and caring for them until they’re awake. We have the safest anesthesia available, even for high risk pets.

Safe and effective warming units are used for each patient during and after each procedure to allow your pet to recover safely and comfortably.

**Each patient is treated as an individual at AMC. Their specific needs are our first priority at each stage of their life. Our hospital is a partner for you, their owner, to help optimize their years as part of your family. **

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